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Actionable, easy-to-understand negotiating strategies anyone can use to dramatically improve their business, career, and personal life

Negotiations can be a perplexing and often-intimidating endeavor. Are there aspects about the process that are hiding beneath the surface, unknown to even experienced negotiators? Or insider tools that would change your game considerably? The answer is yes—and they’re all revealed in this practical guide from a world-renowned negotiation expert.

Negotiation Essentials demystifies this all-important subject, helping you break the process down into easily digestible parts. It covers the most important negotiating concepts, including the critical differences among great, good, and bad negotiators; choosing when, where, and how to negotiate; the art of saying no; understanding body language; how emotions, stress, and personal chemistry affect decision making; and behavioral patterns of the most successful negotiators.

Negotiation Essentials is organized into three thematic sections:

Part 1

explains how to identify a negotiation, how to know who is winning, the 
important role preparation plays, creating a winning negotiating strategy, and more.  

Part 2

starts with an assessment to see which areas of negotiation you need to focus on, then teaches the 10 phrases in a su cessful negotiation, 5 different negotiation styles and how to use them, and so much more.  

Part 3

  • dives into negotiating across cultures, the roles that emotions , stress, personal chemistry, and trust play in negotiations,  the difference between faceto-face and online negotiations, and secrets of the award-winning Negotiation Economics  philosophy- opening the possibility of achieving up to 42% unrealized value. 
  • Filled with essential takeaways wrapping up each chapter, assessmets, illustrations , color illustrations ,and clear action steps, Negotiation Essentials concludes with a Negotiating Essentials Toolkit, which includes the professional negotiators pre- and post-negotiation  checklists. 
  • Whether you’re discussing a possible promotion with a supervisor, speaking to a potential high-dollar client, or engaging in a merger and acquisition process, knowing how to plan and conduct a successful negotiation is what will spell the difference between success and failure. 

Meet The Author

  • A renowned expert in this space, Jensen is the Resident Negotiator & Co-Host of the Negotiation Room by worldcc.com and a TEDx speaker who has been published in 17 languages and 37 countries, enjoying a readership of more than 2.8 million.
  • His past and present clients include Novo Nordisk, LEGO, Mercedes, Unicef, IKEA, Volvo, UCLA, Lockheed Martin, PG&E, and the governments of Denmark, Canada, and the UK.
  • Jensen has been named in the 100 Top 100 Global Thought Leaders in Trust by Trust Across the World organization and awarded the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) Innovation Award, and his negotiation concept SMARTnership was awarded 2019’s Best Negotiation Method by Denmark’s Organization of Public Procurement Officers. In 2021 he was admitted to the prestigious Global Gurus Top30
  • Between 2019 and 2022, Jensen reached more than 50,000+ people through speaking engagements—both in person and virtually.
  • Jensen is a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek.com, CNBC, and Forbes where one of his posts saw 800,000+ hits.

Keld Jensen, California, USA,  is an international author, professor, speaker, and advisor with nearly 30 years of intensive practical and academic experience within the field of negotiation. He has worked with leading global companies, governments, and individuals as an advisor and trainer. Jensen is an associate professor at the Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management, and at Aalborg University in Denmark, BMI Institute in Lithuania, and UC Louvain/BMI in Belgium.

  • Negotiation skills aren’t just for sales success—they’re critical in every line of business. In fact, the World Economic Forum, McKinsey & Co., and many other thought leaders and organizations identify negotiation as critically important skill for ultimate workplace success
  • Negotiation Essentials demystifies this topic that business professionals often see as a perplexing and often-intimidating endeavor. It reveals aspects about the process that are hiding beneath the surface, unknown to even experienced negotiators, and provides an insider’s tips readers can use to improve skills dramatically.
  • The book is filled with essential takeaways wrapping up each chapter, assessments, illustrations, color illustrations, and clear action steps.
  • Negotiation Essentials concludes with a Negotiating Essentials Toolkit, which includes the professional negotiators pre- and post-negotiation checklists.

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